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directory  frommer


file  basicNumber.cpp [code]
file  basicNumber.h [code]

contains class representing elements of finite Field F_q and finite Ring F_q[epsilon]. See also fastNumber.h

file  BlockMatrix.cpp [code]
file  BlockMatrix.h [code]

Contains template block matrix data implementation (matrix is composed by submatrix blocks).

file  CompileFunctions.h [code]

contains help functions which are evaluated at compile-time

file  fast_polynom.cpp [code]
file  fast_polynom.h [code]

contains fast_polynomXY - representation of polynomials in two varibles

file  fast_polynom_pair.h [code]

contains fast_polynomXY_pair that stores polynomial pair in two varibles

file  fast_Ring.cpp [code]

contains fast_Ring implementation

file  fast_Ring.h [code]

(optimized) implementation of a finite field F_q and finite ring F_q[epsilon] template for small characteristic.

file  fastNumber.cpp [code]
file  fastNumber.h [code]

contains optimized (packed) datatypes for elements of finite Field F_q[] and finite Ring F_q[epsilon].
Field characteristic is static and have to be defined during compile time. See also basicNumber.h.

file  FFLASMatrix.cpp [code]
file  FFLASMatrix.h [code]

Wrapper around FFPACK matrices with some additional functionality.

file  groupdefs.h [code]

doxygen class group definitions

file [code]
file  Matrix3D.h [code]
file  Matrix3D.hpp [code]
file  MtcpCheckpointManager.h [code]
file [code]
file  Parameterlist.h [code]

Stores parsed program parameters from input file in Macaulay-style.

file  parseTools.h [code]

input file and input stream parsing utils

file  PerformanceStatistics.h [code]
file  polynom.cpp [code]
file  polynom.h [code]

contains polynomial classes in one and two varibles with template coefficients

file  polynomdefs.h [code]
file  polynomialRing.cpp [code]
file  polynomialRing.h [code]
file  random.h [code]

random number generator of L'Ecuyer with Bays-Durham shuffle and added safeguards (numeric recipes)

file [code]
file  rationalNumber.h [code]

contains implements rational number representation.

file  Tests.h [code]

Test units.

file  testUtils.h [code]
file  timer.C [code]

A timer. Copyright (C) 1994-1997 Givaro Team.

file  timer.h [code]

A timer. Copyright (C) 1994-1997 Givaro Team.

file  TMatrix.cpp [code]
file  TMatrix.h [code]

Template matrix definition, supports rank and kernel computations.

file  TVector.cpp [code]
file  TVector.h [code]

Template vector class. May filled with elements of TRing.

file  typedefs.h [code]

Contains ulong64 and long64 typedefs for Windows and Linux environment and P_or_QPolynom-enum.

file [code]
file  xyMonom.h [code]

contains contains xyExpPair and xyMonom - monom template representation in two variables

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