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Test units. More...

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void test_template_functions ()
template<typename TRing >
void manual_test ()
template<int CHAR>
void testEpsRing (int epsPrecision)
template<typename TRing >
void testRing (unsigned int characteristic, unsigned short epsPrecision=1)
template<template< class a, class b > class TRing, typename TScalar , class TScaparPair , int characteristic, int epsPrecision>
void tt_autotest ()
template<typename TScalar , class TScaparPair >
void tautotest ()
void autotest ()
void testRandom (int characteristic)

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Definition in file Tests.h.

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void autotest (  ) 
test fauls for tautotest<unsigned char,short>();, use valgrind!

Definition at line 191 of file Tests.h.

Referenced by main().

template<typename TScalar , class TScaparPair >
void tautotest (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 173 of file Tests.h.

References test_template_functions().

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void testRandom ( int  characteristic  ) 
: Abweichungstest einbauen visual random test...
Da der Zufallsgenerator Abweichungen hat, haben Statistikaussagen einen Fehler. Bei 10.000 c.a. 12 Prozent Abweichung Bei 100.000 c.a. 6 Prozent Abweichung Bei 1.000.000 c.a. 1.2 Prozent Abweichung Bei 10.000.000 c.a. 0.6 Prozent Abweichung Bei 100.000.000 c.a. 0.12 Prozent Abweichung

Definition at line 207 of file Tests.h.

References random().

Referenced by main().

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