polynomdefs.h File Reference

#include "CompileFunctions.h"
#include <assert.h>
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class  polynomdefs< DEGREE >
 contains template parameter definition for fast_polynomXY (Traits), parametrized by characteristic(field) during compile time. The design was more try and error than applying common metaprogramming concepts, but this schould be the right way More...
class  polynomdefsNoShift< DEGREE >
 polynomdefsNoShift: bei dieser Datenstruktur liegen die Polynomkoeffizienten noch nicht hintereinander. More...
class  dynamicQuadraticMatrixDefsNoShift
class  dynamicPolynomdefsNoShift
class  dynamicPolynomdefsNoShiftNoMemoryHoles
class  polynomdefsNew< DEGREE >
 polynom traits More...
class  polynompairdefs< DEGREE >
 polynompair traits More...
class  matrixdefs< CHAR >
 contains template parameter definition for matrix classes (simulated by fast_polynomXY), parametrized by char(field) during compile time More...
class  kdefs_zahl_x< CHAR, EPSPREC >
 contains template parameter definition for fast_Ring class, parametrized by static field characteristik during compile time More...


enum  P_or_QPolynom { PCoefficient, QCoefficient }

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Definition at line 9 of file polynomdefs.h.

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