fastNumber.h File Reference

contains optimized (packed) datatypes for elements of finite Field F_q[] and finite Ring F_q[epsilon].
Field characteristic is static and have to be defined during compile time. See also basicNumber.h. More...

#include "CompileFunctions.h"
#include <math.h>
#include "fastNumber.cpp"
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class  number_eps1< CHAR, TScalar, TScalarPair >
 Class representing elements of F_q[epsilon];
compact datatype for (x,eps)-Pair; field characteristic is parametrized during compile time. More...
class  number_eps0< CHAR, TScalar >
 Datatype for an element of an finite field with characteristik 'CHAR'. More...


#define STR(X)   #X
#define SW_STATUS(v1)   STR(v1)

Detailed Description

number_eps1(epsPRecision=1) ,
number_eps0 (epsPRecision=0),

The interfaces of number_eps1 nnumber_eps0 and epsZahl should be identical!
inheritance was not used to define an explizit interface, because this would slow down the program there exists some complicated template methods to define a interface without performance loss, but that is on the todo list
: Fehlertest für die ausreichende Dimensierung der Datentype (insb. TScalar) bereits zur Kompilezeit durchführen
implementation note: Error: cannot declare member function ‘static int Foo::bar()’ to have static linkage if you declare a method to be static in your .cc file. The reason is that static means something different inside .cc files than in class declarations It is really stupid, but the keyword static has three different meanings. In the .cc file, the static keyword means that the function isn't visible to any code outside of that particular file. This means that you shouldn't use static in a .cc

Definition in file fastNumber.h.

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#define STR (  )     #X

Definition at line 8 of file fastNumber.h.

#define SW_STATUS ( v1   )     STR(v1)

Definition at line 9 of file fastNumber.h.

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