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class  fast_Ring< TNum, kdefs >
 Implements some fast basic operations for elemens of a ring F_q[epsilon] or field F_q with small characteristic;
For all operations the user must be sure that the operators are regular represantants of ring elements, in doubt by calling the Convert() function. Currently all represantant values must lie between 0 and (characteristic-1). Allowed 'eps' precisions are 0 (is a field) and 1 (is a ring)
Parametrized with element Type (TNum) and characteristic of the field the ring is based on during compile time. More...
class  TVector< TRing >
 Template vector class. May filled with elements of TRing. Vectorsize is shrinked to size_t. More...
class  TMatrix< TRing >
 Template matrix. Supports rank and kernel computations over a finite field (naive implementation, very slow - use FFPACK Matrices for faster computation) Matrix size is shrinked to 'int'. Data layout is row-by-row. More...
class  rationalNumber
 represents a rational number. Value range of the numerator and nominator is shrinked to a range of an 'int' More...
class  basicNumber< TScalar >
 basicNumber represents elements of finite Field F_q and finite Ring F_q[epsilon].
Limitation: field element representatives assumed as positive and only values between {0...characterristic-1} More...
class  number_eps0< CHAR, TScalar >
 Datatype for an element of an finite field with characteristik 'CHAR'. More...
class  number_eps1< CHAR, TScalar, TScalarPair >
 Class representing elements of F_q[epsilon];
compact datatype for (x,eps)-Pair; field characteristic is parametrized during compile time. More...
class  xyMonom< ccoeff >
 Represents a monom template in two variables. Therefore negative exponents are not allowed. More...
class  polynomx< TNum >
 represents a polynom in one variable More...
class  fast_polynomx< TNum >
 manages fast access to coefficients of a polynom in x More...
class  polynomXY< TNum, TIndex >
 class used to store the coefficients of a polynom in (x,y) More...
class  fast_polynomXY< defs, TNum >
 This class manages coefficients of a polynom in (x,y) with template type TNum, see detailed description. Limitations: exponent is bounded to a 'short int', maxDegree is bounded to a 'short int'. More...


 Field and Ring elements
 Fields and Rings
 Vectors and Matrices


file  xyMonom.h

contains contains xyExpPair and xyMonom - monom template representation in two variables

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