Field and Ring elements
[Algebra objects]

Collaboration diagram for Field and Ring elements:


class  rationalNumber
 represents a rational number. Value range of the numerator and nominator is shrinked to a range of an 'int' More...
class  basicNumber< TScalar >
 basicNumber represents elements of finite Field F_q and finite Ring F_q[epsilon].
Limitation: field element representatives assumed as positive and only values between {0...characterristic-1} More...
class  number_eps0< CHAR, TScalar >
 Datatype for an element of an finite field with characteristik 'CHAR'. More...
class  number_eps1< CHAR, TScalar, TScalarPair >
 Class representing elements of F_q[epsilon];
compact datatype for (x,eps)-Pair; field characteristic is parametrized during compile time. More...
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