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Collaboration diagram for Polynoms:


class  xyMonom< ccoeff >
 Represents a monom template in two variables. Therefore negative exponents are not allowed. More...
class  polynomx< TNum >
 represents a polynom in one variable More...
class  fast_polynomx< TNum >
 manages fast access to coefficients of a polynom in x More...
class  polynomXY< TNum, TIndex >
 class used to store the coefficients of a polynom in (x,y) More...
class  fast_polynomXY< defs, TNum >
 This class manages coefficients of a polynom in (x,y) with template type TNum, see detailed description. Limitations: exponent is bounded to a 'short int', maxDegree is bounded to a 'short int'. More...


file  xyMonom.h

contains contains xyExpPair and xyMonom - monom template representation in two variables

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