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class  nCenterFocus::CoeffListEntry
 Able to bear a given monom (x^x_exp*y^y_exp) in P or Q polynom of the centerfocus problem in mind. More...
class  nCenterFocus::CoeffList
 keeps some monoms (x^x_exp*y^y_exp) in P, Q polynoms of the centerfocus problem in mind. More...
class  PointFilterKey
 Represents a key for a PointFilterRule. More...
class  PointFilterRule
 A single Point Filter Rule Config. More...
class  CFilterStrategy
struct  rule_term_scanned
class  CFPointFilter
struct  CFPointFilter::FilterRateCounterPair
 Pair of a filter pass rate and a point counter. everytime. More...
class  nCenterFocus::CenterfocusParams< TPolynomXY, TRing >
 Centerfocus options parser and manager. More...


file  ReadCenterFocusParams.h

handles centerfocus input parameters from an input file.

file  ReadCenterFocusParams.cpp

properties derived from options

bool nCenterFocus::CenterfocusParams::isCoefficientVariable (int x_exp, int y_exp, P_or_QPolynom p_or_q) const
 checks for current polynoms p,q if coefficient (identified by x_exp, y_exp and P_or_QPolynom) is variable

Function Documentation

template<class TPolynomXY , class TRing >
bool nCenterFocus::CenterfocusParams< TPolynomXY, TRing >::isCoefficientVariable ( int  x_exp,
int  y_exp,
P_or_QPolynom  p_or_q 
) const [inline, inherited]
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