nCenterFocus::RankAndLiftStatistic Class Reference

#include <RangStatistik.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RankAndLiftStatistic (std::string name, int _requestedMinSuccessiveVanishedFocalValues, int _maxFocalValuesToCompute, int _maxRank)
virtual ~RankAndLiftStatistic ()
void clear ()

void addRankStatistic (int successiveVanishedFocalValues, int jacobianRank, bool liftTestPassed)

void print (std::ostream &f) const
 prints rank statistic in Macaulay style - ( name +' = ' + value + ' ; ' )

Private Member Functions

 RankAndLiftStatistic ()

Private Attributes

std::string name_m
std::pair< BaseRankStatistic,
 first pair element consists of statistic for potentially smooth points and second pair element contains statistic for non-smooth points.

Detailed Description

  • nirgendwo genutzt.

Definition at line 151 of file RangStatistik.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nCenterFocus::RankAndLiftStatistic::RankAndLiftStatistic (  )  [private]
nCenterFocus::RankAndLiftStatistic::RankAndLiftStatistic ( std::string  name,
int  _requestedMinSuccessiveVanishedFocalValues,
int  _maxFocalValuesToCompute,
int  _maxRank 
_requestedMinSuccessiveVanishedFocalValues expected minimal #(vanished focal values) - parameter passed to addRankStatistic()
_maxFocalValuesToCompute expected maximal (number of vanished focal values) - parameter passed to addRankStatistic()
_maxRank expected maximal rank parameter passed to addRankStatistic()

Definition at line 328 of file RangStatistik.cpp.

nCenterFocus::RankAndLiftStatistic::~RankAndLiftStatistic (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 347 of file RangStatistik.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void nCenterFocus::RankAndLiftStatistic::addRankStatistic ( int  successiveVanishedFocalValues,
int  jacobianRank,
bool  liftTestPassed 

Definition at line 356 of file RangStatistik.cpp.

References rankStatisticPair_m.

void nCenterFocus::RankAndLiftStatistic::clear (  ) 

Definition at line 350 of file RangStatistik.cpp.

References rankStatisticPair_m.

void nCenterFocus::RankAndLiftStatistic::print ( std::ostream &  f  )  const

Definition at line 365 of file RangStatistik.cpp.

References nCenterFocus::getMacaulayCompilantObjectName(), name_m, and rankStatisticPair_m.

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Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 158 of file RangStatistik.h.

Referenced by print().

Definition at line 161 of file RangStatistik.h.

Referenced by addRankStatistic(), clear(), and print().

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