fast_frommer.cpp File Reference

contains less or more optimized Frommers algorithm implementation. Due to optimization this code is hard to read, see frommer.cpp for reference implementation instead. More...

#include <assert.h>
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Detailed Description

The data structures of polynom and matrix implementations are accessed directly. This breaks the object oriented programming idea and is also dangerous in the case, that polynom and matrix data layout changes. Future solution would be to implement some sophisticated iterators on the top of matrix and polynom data, so that object oriented programming paradigm is not violated.

The template parameter t is introduced to differ profile statistics (gprof) for the case EPSPRECISION=0 (t=0) and EPSPRECISION=1 (t=1)

Hier finden keine Ringoperationen statt, welche eine Referenz zurueckgeben, und es sollte auch so bleiben, da der Algorithmus sonst fuer EPSRing nicht laufen wuerde!!!

Definition in file fast_frommer.cpp.

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