Output.h File Reference

#include "Parameterlist.h"
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class  nCenterFocus::FocalValuesInfo< FocalValueType >
class  nCenterFocus::CPointLiftInfo< EpsFrommerType, CFLiftPointType >
class  nCenterFocus::CFQuadricsResult< MatrixType, Matrix3DType >
class  nCenterFocus::CFJacobianInfo< Matrix_Type >
class  nCenterFocus::CFSingleResult< PolynomXY_Type, FocalValuesInfoType, CFJacobianInfoType, CFQuadricsResultType, CPointLiftInfoType >
class  nCenterFocus::PrintCenterFocusResults


namespace  nCenterFocus

composes an output file name from prefix and used Program params
Format: $prefix.fieldchar_$characteristic.codim_$codim.eps_$usedEpsPrecision.seed_$usedSeed.m2

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